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Your One-Stop-Shop For Event Entertainment

 Within seconds of searching the internet, you'll find some incredibly talented wedding bands and singers for hire that will make your day a huge success.

Its hard to choose between so much talent in the industry. Hopefully, you'll decide that we can offer that little bit of something special that'll set us apart from the rest!


We are Lazy Marmalade, a truly unique wedding and function band based in Shropshire. Consisting of 2 best mates, we pack a punch and deliver our own up-beat acoustic twist on some of the biggest hits from the last few decades!

The band was born in early 2017 but through various bands and projects, we've been performing together for around 15 years.

We may only be a small band... But, we offer something truly special compared to your usual wedding duo. Delivering the same floor fillers but with a huge acoustic sound that is like having a 4 piece band perform, you can be certain everyone from grandchildren to grandparents will be moving their lips and shaking their hips.

Our individual set up allows us to accommodate loads of different scenarios. Like the fact that we use digital foot drums instead of acoustic drums. So, this allows us to stay within noise restrictions and limitations some venues have, whilst always ensuring the same level of quality at every performance.

So there it is, our big sales pitch, but one last thing...


Although we love performing together and bringing the party ,we're not here just for the fun. When you book Lazy Marmalade rest assured that you are booking a professional, full time band. You'll have direct contact with us from the get-go to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone's in the know. We're also insured up to £10mil and have all test certificates ready to go when you need them...

Basically, we're pros and we want your wedding to be incredible!

Don't take our word for it, click here to take a look at what some of our previous clients have to say about us!

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