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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. Please contact us if we have missed anything you wish to know.


What time will the band arrive?

We will usually arrive and set-up around 6pm. For weddings, this means we’re ready to set up as soon as the wedding breakfast and speeches are finished. Please be aware that us loading in gear and sound checking can be a bit intrusive so if your wedding is all in one room, it may be worth chatting to us about setting up earlier. With corporate and charity events, we will always set up and sound check before guests arrive. 

NB - If you require the band to set up earlier in the day, there is an additional fee of £40 for every hour before 5pm.

How long does it take the band to set up?

We take an hour and a half to set up and sound check. Lift's or stairs may increase load in time. If your wedding is running late, we will still need the allotted time to set up but will of course try our best to do this as quickly as we can.

How long will the band play for?

Our standard package is 2 x 45 min live sets. However this can be extended to 2 x 1 hour or 3 x 45mins in the evening for an additional cost.

NB - The band's finish time is no later than 12.30am unless otherwise agreed.
We can not upgrade the set lengths on the night, this must be agreed at least 1 week before the date of event.

Overtime past 12.00am is charged at £70/hour. Please Note – This additional time will not increase the live sets. This time is for additional DJ time only.

How long is your break?

Our break is normally around 30-45 mins, depending on when evening food is served etc. This is totally flexible, many times we have had no break and pushed our sets together because of an event running late.

What time should the band start playing?

Normally we would start playing straight after the first dance. This is a good way to kick things off as the crowd will already be on the dance floor and it works well. Totally flexible of course!

Does the band provide music between and before sets?

Yes, we offer a full DJ Service within most of our packages. This is played using Professional DJ software and our Numark Mixtrack Pro 3. Requests are encouraged!

Will the band require refreshments?

Due to the length of time we are with you it would be great if we could be provided with a bite to eat. If we’re with you in the evening we’d appreciate it if we could grab a plate from your buffet. If we’re with you for the full day it would be great if you could provide us with a meal.

However we appreciate that sometimes this is not possible, if this isn't possible then please let us know so we can bring a lunch.

Can I come and watch the band play live before I book?

Yes, we make sure we have regular live performances in Shropshire. However if you are too far away then we have a number of videos on YouTube we also regularly update our social media.

Do you do requests and first dances?

NB - The band offer the option for the first dance and ceremony requests to be played live. Unfortunately some songs do not work as a duo so this option may not be always possible, if this is the case we will contact you within 1 month of receiving your request. Requests must be received no later than 3 month prior to the event date.

With enough notice we may be able to learn up to 3 requests for your live ceremony performances, but we make no promises and will inform you prior to the event of the possibility. 

Unfortunately we are unable to learn any other requests for our performances due to the amount of events we play a year. However, we can assure you that we have a huge repertoire and pride ourselves on our great choice of songs to keep the dance floor full. It contains a huge range of music for every taste.

What do you play in your live set and can I pick the songs?

Ideally we like the freedom to choose our set completely, this allows us flexibility in our set to accommodate the evening, we know what songs work well for us and get the audience moving. We are able to allow couples to select songs for our live setlist if needed, however we would limit this to no more than 3 throughout the evening.

NB – If you wish to select every song from our song list for us to play we are unable to accommodate this. We do require flexibility in what we play live. We are more than happy for you to provide a list of DJ songs to work into our DJ sets and also select 3-4 songs from our song list to be included.

Are your packages flexible?

Yes, we are happy to adjust our packages to meet your individual requests if necessary. If you have booked another wedding band for any part of your day, we will still be happy to be your afternoon or evening wedding/party entertainment.

Do you just play weddings?

Not at all, we call ourselves a wedding band but we can provide top class entertainment for any occasion

Does the band provide their own PA system / Lighting equipment?

Yes, we are completely self-contained so you don't need to worry about a thing. We use a top class RCF/ Allen & Heath PA system with access to larger systems for events over 200 people at an additional charge. We also provide a full lighting rig.

How much space do you require?

We are very accommodating when it comes to space and can fit into just about any room or marquee. For weddings and events in larger rooms, we request at least 5 meters in width and 2 meters in depth.

What are the minimum power requirements?

We require at least 2 independent 13 amp sockets. If your marquee company has requested details, please advise that our PA system and lighting use approximately 2.5kw and a single 16amp power supply is not sufficient.

Is the band's equipment PAT tested and Insured?

Yes we are fully PAT tested and have Public Liability Insurance up to £10,000,000.

If your venue requires certificates please let us know and we will happily forward a copy.

How do I confirm a booking?

Let us know which package you wish to book and we will email over your booking contract with deposit details. As soon as we receive your signed paperwork and deposit we will email over a confirmation and see you on your big day!

What happens after I have paid my deposit and received a confirmation?

We will send you a final form to confirm all details a couple of weeks before your wedding. This is to consolidate everything in one place – final timings, first dance, contact numbers etc. Between now and then, feel free to ask any questions you may have :)

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