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5 Easy steps to pick the perfect wedding band!

Want to make sure your dance floor is packed but don’t know where to start? We’ve listed 5 easy tips to remember when choosing the perfect wedding band!

You’ve booked the venue, you’ve sent out the save the dates. The perfect dress is as good as ordered and the suit … well, that can be sorted a bit closer to the day, right?

It’s time to book some entertainment. You want to be certain that your dancefloor is full and it’s a party like no other!

Booking the right band can literally take your wedding reception from being an incredible evening to an unforgettable one.

But where do I find the right band for me?

There are thousands of great wedding bands out there … and just as many terrible ones.

You can look for them in a number of places. You could search the internet, your local music circuit OR go down the agency or directory route.

Note* Going through a third party can be reassuring for some couples, but be aware that you’ll pay a little more in commission.

It’s SO important to make sure the band ticks ALL of your boxes before you decide to pull the trigger and book them to be a part of the biggest day of your life!

When trawling through the minefield that is the wedding industry and looking for music, it’s worth keeping a few things in mind:

1. First impressions matter!

Have they got a professional website or just a Facebook page? Do they have an image that fits in with the theme of your wedding? Have they got high-quality videos and recordings?

These things matter, a band that has taken the time to put money and effort into its image clearly takes things seriously.

They are likely to be more responsive to your questions and more committed to providing a service that is in keeping with their image!

2. What sort of songs do they play?

As incredible as they are, even Mumford & Sons would ruin the best wedding vibe if they played a bunch of songs no one knew.

It’s important that you can look through a band's song list in advance.

Be sure they have a varied repertoire that can accommodate all ages and tastes whilst maintaining a full dance floor and of course, playing a bunch of songs you love!

Even if it’s full of Pop … make sure it’s not too niche and it’s Pop that everyone will dance to.

Make sure they are not too niche or genre specific. It’s important that they can play some Arctic Monkeys for you and your friends, but after an hour and a half of indie bangers, you might find Auntie Jean will be thinking …

“The band aren’t very good and I’m not having a nice time” … Sorry!

3. Have they got great testimonials?

Most busy wedding bands don’t get many opportunities to play at public events.

This is because they are usually too busy with private bookings and as such, reviews are the single most important thing to check from a band (or any supplier for that matter).

Trust these reviews! If a band didn’t give a bride exactly what she wanted on her big day then no amount of ‘I’m Sorry's’ or bribery could stop her from letting people know about it online.

If the couple have left a good review, you can be certain they’ve had a great wedding day.

4. Can they DJ too?

This seems trivial but can be so crucial for a great event. When a band provides a Pro DJ service in between their live sets it takes away so much stress, both before and during the big day!

Some bands may offer a playlist service (basically Spotify).

This may be fine for you. But be aware, at most weddings it’s the DJ that controls the entire flow of the evening: from providing announcements, taking requests, judging the tone of the room, and keeping the atmosphere alive.

Finding a band that offers a professional DJ service can be a complete game changer!

*If your band doesn’t offer a manned DJ service but you're still wanting them at your wedding, talk to them about other DJs they can recommend. They may be able to suggest some that they’ve worked with before. This will take away hours of scrolling through Google.

5. Can they cover everything you need?

Can they make your ceremony extra special too? Can they learn your first dance?

Many professional bands offer more than one package to cover other aspects of your wedding day.

If you like the idea of having a completely unique bridal entrance with live music, ask your band if this is something can offer.

Having the same group of suppliers around all day rather than lots of different faces will really help build rapport with your guests and create a much more relaxed atmosphere!

Even if they don’t offer a service, they probably know someone who will so remember … you're employing them, DO NOT be afraid to ask questions.

Only you know what you want.

Take a look at lots of different acts that hit these points, find a few that really jump out, and get in touch with them.

Ask questions and try to get a feel for who they are.

You need to be sure they know what they’re doing. But also, you need to feel you can have a laugh and feel relaxed enough to party with them. After all, this is one of the biggest days of your life, and they’ll be a big part of making that happen.

Provide them with as much information as you can about your venue, your date, and your wishes and allow them to sell themselves to you and take some of the stress out of the process.

Any real wedding supplier worth their salt from caterers to bands only wants you to book them when you are confident they are the right choice for you.

If not, the right band is only a click away!

And, one final point. Be sure to let yourself get excited about having them at your wedding and take time to make the right decision, but …

Remember, wedding bands usually only book one wedding per date and they tend to get booked 12/24 months in advance. So, be sure to enquire early and avoid getting dead set on a band that isn't even available!



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